Tesla export production back on track in China

Can you see your car? A new drone video shows thousands of Teslas ready for export from the brand’s Shanghai factory.

If you’re sitting by the letterbox (digital or otherwise) waiting for news of your back-order Tesla Model 3 to arrive, you may soon be in luck.

A video posted on YouTube shows dozens of Chinese-built Model 3 (and probably some Model Ys) awaiting export at the Luchao Port in Shanghai.

The drone video, produced by Tesla fan Wu Wa, scans over a number of large holding lots with rows upon rows of Teslas lined up for shipment.

Just one of the groups of cars shows approximately 750 vehicles (34 cars parked 22 rows deep), with hundreds more seen in giant parking lanes around the port.

While the footage is crisp, there is no way of telling what market these cars are destined for, as Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is the brand’s principal export production facility. That said, one shot in the nearly nine-minute video shows cars that are clearly right-hand drive.

If you’re wanting your Tesla to stand out from the crowd, maybe option a red one, as dark colours (black, blue and grey) are clearly the most popular, followed by white. One section of the video (4:46 mark) shows 100 identical grey (or black) sedans, possibly destined for a fleet buyer.

Local Tesla follower VedaPrime has noted that Gigafactory Shanghai has recently produced cars for the Australian market, so the likelihood that some of these cars are destined for our shores is high.

If you’ve ordered one, can you spot it in the video?

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