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The monumental legacy of Ferrari began at the hands of its beloved founder Enzo Ferrari, who oversaw the engineering and production of the most iconic examples in automotive history. One of the most celebrated models to leave its factory in Maranello is the exquisite Ferrari Enzo, a staple in the brand’s lineup as one of the ‘Big Five’ models. This week’s GearBox focuses on styling an attire that displays pride for the Italian supercar manufacturer, blending classic and modern pieces to define Ferrari as a timeless leader. Shop all of the luxury products and accessories featured in this GearBox special by clicking on the links below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming luxury lifestyle news and GearBox specials.

Ferrari Enzo

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The Enzo is a historic car for Ferrari for many and various reasons. Therefore we had to chose a name with a strong symbolic significance and that was the name of the Company founder Enzo Ferrari said ”With an F1 gearbox, a 5998 cc V12 engine, carbon and composite materials, the Enzo, of which 399 will be built, is the perfect synthesis of four consecutive Formula 1 Championships in the last four years. This is because it is the race track itself which has been the source of the highest level of technology characterising a unique car which is absolutely innovative and represents the quintessence of Ferrari past and present and looks to the Ferrari of the future”

Price: MSRP $659,330

Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari

Ferrari RM
Richard Mille

The RM UP-01 Ferrari is an allusive piece to Ferrari’s values, developing sporting mechanisms that are as elegant as they are immediately recognizable. Their models make no concessions and frequently contradict current trends to create new aesthetical codes. The RM UP-01 Ferrari bears witness to this partnership of the best know-how these two iconic brands have to offer in the combination of their ideas, understanding, respective developments and shared values.

Retail Price: $1,888,000

Scuderia Ferrari Puma Logo Cap

Ferrari Hat
F1 Store

Show your support for your favourite F1 team with this Scuderia Ferrari cap. The team logo and curved brim give a classic silhouette that will look great whatever you’re doing.

Price: $44

Ferrari Cotton Blend Knit Sweatshirt With Prism-Effect Print

Ferrari hoodie
Ferrari Store

This gender-neutral sweatshirt inspired by the graphic rhythm of the digital world and iconic elements of the Ferrari universe boasts a futuristic and innovative style. Offered in a cotton/polyester-blend knit fabric, the hooded model features a graphic created using a high-definition transfer print technique with a prism effect and multicolor gears.

Price: $850

PUMA Scuderia Ferrari Race Printed Motorsport Polo

Ferrari Polo

This polo shirt is quintessential motorsport chic, oozing class and quality with a classic buttoned collar and pure cotton finish. Alongside breathable, smart-casual comfort, this tee also marks you out as a discerning automobile fan with an eye-catching all-over Scuderia Ferrari print featuring the Italian F1 team’s legendary crest.

Price: $60

FRAME L’Homme Slim Fit Jeans


Lightly sanded and whiskered FRAME L’Homme jeans cut in a slim, straight-leg fit flatter with a slender profile while keeping things comfortable through the midsection.

Price: $210

Ray-Ban x Ferrari Phantos 51mm Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Ferrari Sunglasses

Set your eyes on the prize with Ray-Ban’s collaboration sunglasses with Ferrari, taking shape as an aviator that presents a robust support bar above the nose bridge. A polished frame design pairs perfectly with the iconic Ferrari shield.

Price: $250

PUMA Scuderia Ferrari IONSpeed Motorsport Shoes

PUMA Sneakers1jpg

If you’ve seen the latest Scuderia Ferrari GT cars, you’ll know where this shoe derives its style inspiration from. This new-look shoe, co-created with Scuderia Ferrari, bridges the worlds of Formula 1 and GT super cars. And just as those cars are engineered for high performance, so have these shoes been, thanks in part to the ProFoam midsole. What that means is you get instant cushioning and a responsive ride – not unlike Scuderia Ferrari’s own race car drivers enjoy when they’re on the track.

Price: $110

Ferrari Leather Card Holder With Carbon Fiber Insert

Ferrari Wallet
Ferrari Store

Featuring an essential shape and automotive details, this unisex card holder stands out for its strong graphic impact. Enhanced by a “grille” on the front in tribute to Ferrari headlights, it has an authentic carbon fiber insert. The Prancing Horse stands out on the front with a sophisticated ruthenium finish.

Price: $130

Ferrari Leather And Nylon Backpack

Ferrari Store

The engineering science behind McLaren and the product innovation of TUMI have come together for a seamless integration of lifestyle, fashion, and technology. Echoing aerodynamic automotive designs, this backpack features a sleek molded front panel, carbon fiber accents, and Papaya highlights for a signature McLaren touch. Its compact size gives it universal appeal. The addition of a padded laptop sleeve and USB port will keep you powered during your longest excursions.

Price: $1,950

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