We’ve always watched the drag bike guys with a bit of wonder and amazement, mostly because it must be an absolute bitch to straddle the tank when you have an exorbitant amount of courage in handy supply where it counts. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re riding…unless you’re on a Honda 50, chances are good that you’ll find speeds that will maim, skin and kill you in short order. Superbikes are particularly good at hitting Vmax rather quickly, because they have the power-to-weight ratio of a rocket-powered wasp and are just as scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s no hyperbole, either. A stock Hayabusa will clip into the nines at well over 150 miles an hour in the hands of a rider that knows how to modulate the clutch while keeping the front end down in first and second gear.

Adding a turbocharger and an extended swingarm into the mix, then, seems akin to throwing jet fuel on a tire fire: completely unnecessary and surprisingly dangerous. But for Azzopardi Racing, seven-second quarters that close in on 200 miles an hour is worth it. Rider Alex Borg is the man hanging on for dear life as the monster Suzuki tries it’s best to take flight. And take note: no wheelie bar. That’s right up there with hopping onto the bull, grabbing the rope with one hand and slapping it upside the head with the other. We’ll watch from the sidelines, thank you…we aren’t too keen on a hospital stay anytime soon.

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