The New Land Rover Range Rover Sport Is Coming Soon

The countdown begins for a new Range Rover Sport.

The Range Rover Sport, Land Rover’s luxury mid-size SUV offering, has been a favored staple for many drivers for over 15 years. In the SUV world, it’s nimble, agile, and easy, while maintaining the elegant and stately look that the entire Range Rover line is known and loved for. However, the current Range Rover Sport generation has been out for quite a few years, as a matter of fact nearly a decade, having been released in 2013. It’s definitely due for an update, and Land Rover has decided to do just that.

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The new Range Rover Sport is going to be released on May 10, and while we don’t have many details yet, Land Rover says that the new model will continue the legacy of the previous one by performing incredible feats similar to the previous model, which did things like setting records at Pikes Peak, crossing the Empty Quarter and ascending the 999 steps to China’s Heaven’s Gate. The first picture that Land Rover has released is of the interior, which is just one of the many places where the new Range Rover Sport has been designed for more dynamism.

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Image Source: Land Rover

Source: Land Rover

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