The Ultimate Solution for Storing Your Exotic Vehicle Now Exists in Manhattan, Paddock NYC

Presented by Paddock NYC.

A new exotic automobile lifestyle brand, founded by a former Ferrari marketer, connects automotive enthusiasts while protecting their unique vehicles.

The concept of Paddock NYC came about from the personal experience of the founder, Justin Lopez, while working with exotic vehicles in Manhattan. He noticed the following, many NYC-based customers lacked a safe storage space for their vehicles and also had a desire to meet with like-minded individuals. This concept of creating a community combined with premium care for automobiles led to the development of Paddock NYC.
Owning and storing an exotic or classic vehicle in New York City has always been an issue, whether it’s the lack of parking available, or the lack of maintenance/security solutions. Paddock NYC aims to improve that experience for its customers in New York City by providing a complete storage/lifestyle solution specifically for exotic/classic vehicles.

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The Paddock Team understands that these vehicles bring people together whether it is developing long-term friendships or even helping to generate business. We regularly host private activities such as; rallies and dinners, and we have exclusive partnerships with brands like Luxuny Atelier, enabling our members to have access to a private lounge. Our goal is always to provide a safe space for our clients’ vehicles and to preserve the automotive culture.
Paddock NYC currently consists of two locations in Manhattan; one on the Upper East Side and a second location in Midtown Manhattan. The brand continues to grow both locally in NYC and will expand nationally in the near future.

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