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We are living in an age where services are provided on a large scale and often at the sacrifice of personalized one-on-one attention. When George Shinn III started TSG AUTOHAUS, his concept was very simple: do the opposite and create an environment that feels as far away from a “car dealership” as possible.

With many years in the high-end exotic car industry, George knows what clients really want and that’s more than just a sports car: it’s to feel special and get the VIP treatment. To accomplish that, TSG AUTOHAUS is available by appointment only. This allows every TSG AUTOHAUS client to be treated to a one-on-one experience where as much time needed can be devoted to them.

When clients arrive, they receive undivided attention so they can tune out all of the distractions and noise that can impede making the right choice in selecting their dream car. How, you might ask? To begin with, George is the epitome of the true “owner-operator.” With his 32 years in the business, there will never be a reason for a client to be handed off to someone else. No sales managers, finance managers, etc. George is your only point of contact from start to finish.

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“My goal is to make your TSG AUTOHAUS buying experience very special and one that you will want to repeat often,” says George.

We would remiss if we didn’t highlight that while the buying experience at TSG AUTOHAUS is top-tier, so is the inventory. With a constantly rotating inventory of the rarest supercars and luxury cars from around the world, there is always something for everyone. A true testament to the dealership’s amazing inventory is their “Previously Sold” page. Scrolling down, you’ll find some stunning examples such as a British Racing Green Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Nero Nemesis Lamborghini Murcielago SV, Porsche Carrera GT, and so many others.

If you’d like to take part in a truly special car buying experience, start with viewing TSG AUTOHAUS’ inventory by clicking the button below.

Previously Sold By TSG AUTOHAUS

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