TVS Ntorq 125 vs Suzuki Avenis 125: which to buy?

Both scooters have a different appeal; one is sporty while the other is more practical.

Published On Jun 20, 2022 08:00:00 AM

Should I buy the TVS Ntorq 125 or Suzuki Avenis 125? What do you recommend?

Rahul Ganguly, Hyderabad 

Autocar India says: The TVS Ntorq 125, especially the Race XP version, should be your pick if you are looking for the fastest 125cc scooter. It also offers better handling, good suspension comfort and many other features. The Suzuki Avenis looks markedly similar to the Ntorq, so it should appeal to your sense of style. The big plus for the Suzuki is that it is an Access 125 underneath and that means considerably better fuel efficiency than the TVS. In the end, the deciding factor is where your priorities lie: a sporty scooter like the Ntorq or the more practical Access-based Avenis.

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