Used Tata Tiago or Honda Jazz: which to buy?

We tell you which of these is a good used car option for a first-time buyer.

Published On Jun 14, 2022 10:55:00 AM

I want to buy my daughter a car within a budget of Rs 4 lakh-5 lakh, however, I’m not quite happy with the new car options I’m getting, particularly in terms of features and safety. Is it advisable to go for a used car from a higher segment instead? I want a car that is safe, cheap to run, and easy to drive as she has just got her driving license.

Rahul Modi 


Autocar India says: We understand your need for a safe car for your daughter. Since you’re willing to look for a pre-owned car, we’d recommend getting the newest possible vehicle, preferably one that’s backed by a company warranty and has been serviced regularly. Based on your requirements, we’d suggest looking for a 2019-2021 Tata Tiago AMT. If you want something larger and more premium, consider a 2015-2016 Honda Jazz CVT.


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