Watch A Guy Chuck A $50-Million Ferrari 250 GTO Around Goodwood Like It Is A Second Gen Camaro – Hero Level!

If there’s such a thing as mechanical royalty we’d say that the early 1960s Ferrari GTO is it. These things sell for tens of millions of dollars, they were killer race cars in their day, they are gorgeous, and boy do they sound sexy with that 12-cylinder engine screaming away. The fact that they are so valuable means that most of them are squirreled away in museums and private collections so actually seeing one in modern times being driven like it was designed to be is rare, that’s what makes this video so awesome. Seeing a guy chuck a $50-million Ferrari 250 GTO around Goodwood is pretty epic.

You are going to watch a 1964 model GTO scream, yell, and slide around the Goodwood road course and because it is sharing the track with other awesome period cars, it kind of has the feel of a 1960s sports car race, right? We have seen vintage classifieds with these cars listed for sale for like $6,500 bucks which would be one of the all-time greatest investments in the history of mankind, but back then who could have known what these cars would turn into in the eyes of enthusiasts decades later? Yes, they have always been beautiful but they were just old race cars at the time and old race cars are kind of like old socks. They maybe comfy but no one is really interested in paying big bucks for them.

Some would argue that the earlier cars are even more beautiful than these later models, and there are points of that debate we’d take their side on. Any time a car is revised and changed from the original look people form opinions quickly and strongly. These cars were not just lookers though. They were some of the final front engined sports racing cars that were competitive, often matching the mid-engine stuff blow for blown and beating ’em.

We’re sure love a time machine right about now…right?

Press play to see an insanely valuable Ferrari get driven like it is supposed to be –

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