What’s the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You on a Road Trip?

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Folk, we are in prime road trip season, and that leads us to today’s question of the day. We want to know what’s the best thing that ever happened to you on a road trip.

There are few things more American than hopping in your car with friends or family, hitting the road, and driving for hours or days on end.

There are a couple of ground rules before you head down to the comments. First, congrats on the sex, but please for the love of Christ I don’t want to hear about your blow job on a Monday morning. That is literally a nightmare for me. Second, tell me what you were driving and where you were driving so I’ve got some sort of picture to post.

We’ve reported that about 42 million Americans are going to hit the open over the 4th of July weekend. That’s far too many people, but who knows, you’re probably one of them. We all just want to get out of the house. I get it, over that weekend I’ll be driving up the California coast on a much-needed vacation.

These next trips may suck for you, so in that case, use this time to reminisce on better days gone by. (Again we do not want to hear about your sexual escapades while driving your Mercury Topaz. We just don’t.)

We’ve all had that one fantastic road trip where everything just seems to go right, and now every time we go we are just trying to chase that high again. Well, I know I feel that way, maybe you do too.

So, my guys, head down below to tell us the best thing that ever happened to you while on a road trip. As Mac, Charlie and Dennis said on Always Sunny, NOTHING SEXUAL.

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