What’s the Strangest Thing You’ve Heard at a Car Show?

A photo of two people talking next to a car on display at an auto show.

I wonder what they’re talking about?
Photo: Eric Piermont / AFP (Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but I love hearing a snippet of somebody else’s conversation when I’m passing through a crowd. You can overhear excitement, disappointment, gossip, and there always seems to be someone that’s pissed off with Jennifer. But do you know where’s great for overhearing weird snippets of strange conversation? Car shows.

Today, we want you to think back on all the car shows, race meets and other automotive events you’ve attended over the years. Try and remember some of the strange musings you’ve heard in passing as you wandered the show floor so that we can all have a good chuckle.

So, we’re asking you what is the strangest thing you’ve ever heard someone say at a car show?

Maybe it was some poor advice that was shared with a budding wrencher by a person claiming to be older and wiser. Or perhaps it was a mind-blowing statistic, such as the fact that it would take more than 35,000 Greggs Sausage Rolls to cover a lap of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in the UK.

Or maybe it wasn’t even anything car related at all. You might have overheard a proposal, or maybe even a breakup. You might have witnessed gossip being shared with a group, or just heard someone discussing their dream meal.

Whatever strange stories you’ve overheard at automotive events, we want to hear all about them.

Whether it was something you heard at your local Cars & Coffee, or even something said at Tesla’s ridiculous Cyber Rodeo event earlier this year, we want to hear about it.

So, head to the comments section below and let us know the strangest things you’ve ever heard at a car show. We’ll round up some of the top tales in a slideshow tomorrow afternoon.

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