Woman biker on a Yamaha RX-Z BUSTED by MVD for breaking rules [Video]

With the rising technology and social media platforms, the police departments are using such technologies to counter the crimes. Traffic police departments in many states have started accepting the violations that are reported through social media. The new way of reporting the violations on the roads has definitely caused trouble to many unsuspecting violators who did not realise that their illegal activities are being reported to the cops. In Kerala, a female motorcycle rider was busted by the cops after they received pictures of her violations through Facebook.

The biker who rides a modified Yamaha RX-Z was spotted on a video without a helmet. Even the rearview mirrors of the bike were not present. The video was posted on Instagram just to show appreciation to the lady biker. However, many reported the same to the cops through their Facebook page. The Kerala MVD, who are known to take strict actions on the violators, tracked the owner of the bike and paid a visit to her home.

The MVD officials issued a fine for riding dangerously and not having rearview mirrors on the bike. She was also booked for violating the restrictions related to the COVID-19 situation in the state.

Even the official Kerala MVD page on Facebook has shared the incident and have said that such violations will not be tolerated. The post also shows a picture of the challan issued to the rider but the exact fine amount is not known. The bike has not been seized by the cops and it remains with the rider.

There have been numerous such incidents in the past where the cops have acted on the complaints that have been filed online. Many traffic police departments also accept violation requests through WhatsApp and send the challan directly to the home of the violator. Apart from the violations reported on social media, the cops also keep a close eye to the movement on the roads through CCTV cameras and speed cameras.

With the improved technology, the cops can now be much more vigilant about the violations being committed on the roads. Earlier, many used to only follow the rules after spotting a cop on the roads. However, with the use of technology, the scenario has changed quite a bit. Earlier, Bengaluru Police seized a Yamaha YZF-R1 after the rider posted a high-speed video of doing 299 km/h on the streets of the city.

Such violations are quickly becoming common across the country. This is why everyone should follow the rules and stay within the speed limit without the need for a policeman.

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